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Kokine: beauty products that focus not only on the body care but also on the well-being of the mind and soul.
Thanks to aromatherapy and the collaboration with naturopaths and perfumers noses, Kokine products, 100% natural, see the selection of the most prestigious essential oils, transforming them into precious synergies.
Kokine honors the wisdom of nature and firmly believes in its healing power. The brand exploits the dual effect of essential oils, therapeutic and olfactory, to offer an experience that starts from the body and connects with the soul.

With Kokine you will immerse yourself in an inner detox path to make room for yourself and rediscover the care of the environment in which you live.
A trusted partner during this fast and hectic world, an awakening in well-being and balance.

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Our history

Kokine tells the story of a long friendship between Clementina, Astrid and Alessandra, and it embodies the values they believe in: innovation; a beauty that is genuine, authentic and accessible; elegance; sensuality; inner well-being; balance of energies and a profound sense of love for yourself.

Kokine refers to the cheeky little girl that every woman has within her, and to the unstoppable desire to succeed, to achieve a personal balance, to attain fulfilment without ever ceasing to dream and set new challenges for yourself.

3 leaves represent the commitment of 3 women to offer holistic beauty and global well-being. A young, glamorous and sexy company. Their dream: to create a new concept of aromatherapy.

Respect, value and benefit from all of what nature offers you to rediscover true well-being.

Women behind curtains
Women behind curtains

Feed your body
Nourish your mind
Give life to your soul

Join Kokine to regain health, happiness, connection and all that is positive.

"A woman’s true beauty is reflex the soul."
- Audrey Hepburn

Packaging 100% reyclable


Our packaging is 100% recyclable. The gold caps are soluble. Upon contact with water, gold dissolves.

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